Memory Lane

so you’re tired of your everyday life, it seems such a drag?
wanna go back to the good old days, revisit all the fun you’ve had?
get back together with the gang, shoot some pool just like you used to do
or ring up your ex girlfriend so that she’d still have it bad for you?

put your clock in reverse and accelerate down memory lane
pick an album of your choice, use it as a visual aid
whenever in misery, remember these few words that i said:
there’s a built in time machine… in your head

or how, for instance, would you feel about this:
re-experience the feelings of your very first kiss
the excitement and anticipation giving you such a thrill
she seems ready, there’s the green light — now go for the kill!

put your clock in reverse…

a good friend of yours who has long since passed away
but inside your mind it still feels like yesterday
so you rewind the tape and just let the conversation flow
you feel like you should… but it’s so hard to let go

put your clock in reverse…

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