…you’ve started to believe they things they say of you…

kui ma ükskord ammu soomes käisin, kirjutasin ma tagasiteel laevas ühe luuletuse… millest sündis hiljem laul… või no õigemini on ta alles pea välja pistnud 😛

i was tired and alone,
i was dying to get home,
i was sitting in a corner
wondering, which food to order

i was totally ready
though i wasn’t prepared
i was lis’ning to robbie
and then it happened, as i feared…


ahsoo, ethel on ikka tore tsikk:

[12:13:36] <garf[wrk]> ethel, ethel, mida sa teed?
[12:13:36] <ethel> garf[wrk]: Bugger all, I dunno

…või siis…

[12:17:27] <Flake> ethel, sex
[12:17:28] <ethel> somebody said sex was a very bad thing and you’re WAY too young to know about it
[12:19:30] <garf[wrk]> ethel, who was that somebody?
[12:19:31] <ethel> No idea, garf[wrk]

carl anderson – heaven on their minds

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