…a vision comes up when i close my eyes…

“oi, näe, garfil jälle seisab!”

kell, loomulikult.

eile oli tõsine päev

muuhulgas sai freud kahtluse alla pandud:

[14:02:54] garf: so how about i come up with another theory?
[14:03:06] garf: i’m not perverted, i’m just creative! 😛
[14:04:39] Maarja: well, though being quite good theory, sadly enough, it would make Freud look good…at least better… as well…
[14:06:59] garf: so? he wasn’t creative enough to come up with a simple answer… instead, he came up with an idiotic excuse which seemed genious to the rest of the world
[14:07:02] garf: or something
[14:07:39] Maarja: oooh…If you put it that way…
[14:07:50] Maarja: hey, you ARE creative!

…veel natuke kella seismajäämiseni…

[15:53:52] <lexy> oota aga Tsort sa siis 6htul tuled?
[15:56:20] <TsorT> lexy trasedateab
[15:56:28] <garf[wrk]> nii
[15:56:42] <garf[wrk]> lexyl on tra, mis teab, kas TsorT õhtul tuleb
[15:56:44] <garf[wrk]> selge
[15:57:02] <garf[wrk]> no further questions, your honour… i rest my case
[15:57:03] <TsorT> garf[wrk] anna mulle j2nes
[15:57:06] <TsorT> sul oli hea lause :)))’
[15:57:15] <lexy> garf nagu misasja?
[15:57:26] <lexy> oki…
[15:57:36] * lexy tembeldati nyyd meheks 😛
[15:57:44] <TsorT> garf[wrk] anna mulle j2nes
[15:57:51] <garf[wrk]> TsorT: ei anna
[15:57:56] <TsorT> garf[wrk] annapalun
[15:58:02] <garf[wrk]> eianna!
[15:58:08] <TsorT> ahminepersesiis
[15:58:20] <garf[wrk]> näed, kurat, ma oleks peaaegu juba andnud
[15:58:27] <garf[wrk]> aga sa raisk andsid napilt alla

…ja siis juhtus…

[15:59:43] <garf[wrk]> no mina näen praegu kolme kella
[15:59:53] <garf[wrk]> 15:58, 15:59 ja 16:01
[15:59:57] <garf[wrk]> karm värk
[16:00:11] <garf[wrk]> nüüd tiksus keskmine minuti üles

garf – my clock has stopped again (ver 2.04)

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