…you can be anything you want to be…

aga nagu kaz t22 t2adzit22 , aamh.. 2t qi häzti aeglazelt hingata (6) , wõib uni pealee tulla v22?? (A) :p

(tõlge: aga kas te teadsite, et kui hästi aeglaselt hingata, võib uni peale tulla? :P)

queen – innuendo

10 Replies to “…you can be anything you want to be…”

  1. minul tuleb uni ka kiiresti hingates, või normaalselt hingates.. aga ainult hommikuti:)

  2. It’s hard enough for me to read your blog in Estonian.. if you write in 14-year-old girl slang, I’ll never understand anything!

  3. hei, my name is girl, and i am 14. I have a slang and i know how to use it.


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