[15:13:21] Epic: *tcccht* Read you loud clear, Bravo leader, Alpha wing taking a detour, rejoining formation, ETA 7 minutes and counting, Over.. Alpha leader out *tcccchhht’
[15:13:52] garf: *tchhht* roger that, alpha leader *tchhht*
[15:14:47] * Epic is now Be Right Back
[15:24:33] Epic: *tchhht* This is Alpha leader, requesting permisson to rejoin formation *tchht*
[15:25:22] garf: *tchhht* i read you, alpha leader… this is red leader… please, fuck off? *tchhht*
[15:25:59] Epic: *tchhht* Red leader? *tchht*
[15:26:18] garf: *tchhht* roger *tchhht*
[15:26:24] Epic: *tchht* you are out of your orbit red leader *tchht*
[15:27:30] garf: *tchhht* alpha leader, this is officer smith of the highway patrol… please, pull over! *tchhht*
[15:28:50] Epic: *tchht* Officer smith? *tchht*

*tchht*i thought you retired, weren’t you in ground unit? *tchht*

*tchht*what the hell are you doin here??*tchht*
[15:29:33] garf: *tchhht* alpha leader, check your altitude! *tchhht*
[15:29:47] Epic: *tchht* hooly sh.. *tchht*
[15:30:31] garf: *tchhht* so what’s it gonna be, alpha leader? pull over or pull up? *tchhht*
[15:30:58] Epic: *tchht* climbing altitude*tchht*
[15:31:09] Epic: *tchht* sorry bout that *tchht*
[15:31:28] garf: *tchhht* ten-four, alpha leader *tchhht*
[15:31:46] Epic: *tchht* tchhht *tchht*
[15:31:56] garf: (btw, why does my radio make longer tchhhts?)
[15:32:25] Epic: *tchht* you have the Beta version of it *tchht*
[15:33:07] Epic: *tchht* Tchht-Radio V1.03 beta *tchht*
[15:33:34] garf: *tchhht* riight… *be-beep* *tchhht*
[15:34:01] Epic: *tchht* No swaring on air, soldier! *tchht*
[15:34:17] garf: *tchhht* air defense missile armed *tchhht*
[15:35:04] Epic: *bleeeep* Tachion cannons on line *bleep*
[15:35:13] garf: *tchhht* this is terrorist bunker, disregard last transmission. over. *tchhht*
[15:35:41] Epic: *tchht* roger that, Terrorist HQ, over *tchht*
[15:36:10] garf: *tchhht* thank you… (missile 1 launched) *tchhht*
[15:36:56] Epic™ i was: *tchht* Bravo leader we have incoming, activate plasma shields, begin evasive manouvers *tchht*
[15:37:02] garf: *tchhht* terrorist bunker to alpha leader, disregard last transmission — radio malfunction *tchhht*
[15:37:20] Epic: *tchht* roger that *tchht*
[15:38:13] garf: *tchhht* *pop* *pop* *pop* umm… is this thing on? *tchhht*
[15:38:45] Epic: *tchht* THQ, disregard the subatomic warhead headed at your way, it’s only a drill *tchht*
[15:39:12] Epic: *tchht* ‘giggles’ *tchht*
[15:39:28] garf: *tchhht* roger that, alpha leader *tchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh*
[15:40:31] Epic: *tchht* This is Alpha leader to all units, 3’rd rock from the sone is now 2,5th rock from the sun, over *tchht*
[15:40:40] garf: *tchhht* radio instructor to all units — well done, boys! *tchhht*
[15:41:04] Epic: *tchht* roger that *tchht*
[15:41:53] garf: *tchhht* you can all go get your bikes and in-lines and go home, thank you very much… i’m trying to get some work done here *tchhht*
[15:42:03] Epic: *bleep, bleep, bleep, bleep* Sir, we have something moving on our radars..
[15:42:34] garf: nevermind that, it’s just the russian warheads coming in
[15:42:42] Epic: oh.. ok..
[15:43:07] Epic: *bleep bleep bleep* officer turn that think off, it’s annoying
[15:43:15] garf: everybody knows they’re malfunctional…
[15:43:24] garf: anybody wanna have a barbecue?
[15:43:37] Epic: ay-ay sir

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