here we go… :P

You are Jett Rink from “Giant”. Your
always fight with your boss, then you fall in
love with his wife, Leslie. You strike oil and
become rich, but you lose your youthful charm
and in middle age you are a selfish, bitter
drunk who tries to seduce Leslie’s daughter
since you never got Leslie herself. You’re
whipped in a final fist fight with your ex boss
and that’s that for you, Jett. You’re (oil)
well came in but you eventually went out.

Which James Dean film character are you?
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You are Ed Wood. You’re passionate and driven when
it comes to your art. Your love of film drives
you to put everything into your work, with a
dedication that is more than admirable. The
tragedy of all this is you have no talent and
all your movies suck. Despite all this you
remain somewhat optimistic for most of your
life. You hang around a lot of delightfully
weird people, and have a penchant for angora
sweaters and wigs. You put the *underground* in
underground cinema, because that’s where your
films should be buried.

Which Johnny Depp are You?
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Sexy Orlando

What Orlando Bloom are You?
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I'm Vincent!
You’re Vincent! You are a nice guy who’s just doin’
his job, and people can come to you for a good
conversation. You’re a lot like Socrates,
really. Mostly it’s just because you both die
in the end.

Which Pulp Fiction character are YOU?
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