…i hope you don’t mind…

c for carmen
c for cool
c for c-cup
makes us drool…

had some a-cups
seen some bees
still, they’re better
on their knees

makes me wonder
how you can
use such big words
‘bout a man…

c for cathy
d for drool
e for ethel
keep your cool…

getting bad
anyhow, it’s
not so sad

think about it
for a while…
guaranteed to
raise a smile

a for angel
f for fear
funny, though,
i want you near…

…ja inspiratsioon käib lainetena…

ewan mcgregor – your song (moulin rouge)

One Reply to “…i hope you don’t mind…”

  1. and you can tell everybody that this is your song..it might be quite simple but now that it’s done..i hope you don’t mind that I put down in words, how wonderful life is when you’re in the world 😉

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